Get Cheap Properties by Moving out of London and Into Essex

Thinking of moving out of London to escape the pollution, crime and

move to essexhugely inflated property prices? I don’t blame you! The lure of cheap properties, which allows you to get much more for your money and therefore enjoy a lot more disposable income, as well as the pull of a cleaner and safer environment are some very good reasons to consider a move away from the big smoke.

Essex has long been one of Londoners’ favourite counties to move to either because they’ve gotten tired of the hassle and expense of London and want to start looking for affordable cheap houses, or because they simply want to live in the countryside and have a view that doesn’t include a tower block. The former is especially true for those Londoners who are thinking of starting a family and the call of lush green fields, safe places to play and more breathable air become increasingly more important.

Save Money On Low Cost Property in Essex

Moving out of London and into Essex has many advantages but the primary one from a financial perspective is the relatively low cost of property. One comparison I did the other day for another article, showed clearly that you can move just a few miles out of London and save at least 50% on a 3 bedroom property. Just imagine the difference it would make to you between having a £150K mortgage and a £300K one – it would transform your life. In fact you’d probably need a much smaller mortgage than that if you’re selling up in London and have equity in your current property.

According to recent land registry figures, the average house price in Essex is £256K, but that is pushed up by the many country residences and rich areas such as Epping and Uttlesford. Many properties in Essex are well below £200K, even in village locations and if you decided to look into properties available at house auctions you could reduce those prices even further.

One thing you’d need to factor in when thinking about moving out of London and into Essex is that you’d probably have a little further to commute to work, but all of the large towns in Essex have excellent train links into London, and if you fancy living in a picturesque village rather than a town, they are never far from a train station either, so commuting shouldn’t be a big deal. The average yearly rail cost which you might have to factor in if you did decide that moving out of London was for you, is around £4,000. Not cheap – but a lot less expensive than a huge, weighty mortgage around your neck.

There’s More to Essex Than Stilettos & Gangsters

Don’t be put off by the bad press that Essex has had in the past and that stupid TV series, “The Only Way is Essex,” which has done nothing to improve its image – it’s really not like that. Trust me I’ve lived here for 25 years and while it’s true that we talk a little strangely, what comes to mind when I think of Essex, is pretty villages with thatched roof houses, rolling fields of wheat and rapeseed and benefiting from being just 30 minutes away from the beach.

Moving out of London and into Essex is the way to go if you want to save money and buy property cheaply and if you want a better quality of life, Essex can do that for you too.

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