Google Guarantee

google guarantee

The simple truth is 99% of all real estate websites fail. Why?

Most of them don’t generate any traffic from the 90% of real estate searches that start on the internet.

Is your website showing up in those search results and getting that traffic?

Odds are probably not. So how many leads are you missing out on? How much business is this costing you? It’s time to take action and rank higher in the search engines.

But how?

For a limited time we’re offering the Google Guarantee when you invest in one of our Premium Real Estate Website/Blog Packages.
We are so confident in our ability to rank you on the first page of Google – since we’ve done it for the most competitive keywords in the luxury real estate industry – that we’ll give you your money back if we don’t rank your website on the FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE.

Our Google Guarantee works like this:

(1) You invest in one our Premium Bank Properties Website/Blog Packages.

(2) We conduct research and determine the best keywords to rank your website for in Google.

(3) You confirm the keywords with you so we all agree on the game plan.

(4) We deploy our proprietary and proven methods to rank your website in Google for the agreed-upon keywords.

(5) Your website will rank on the first page in Google for the keywords within one to twelve months, depending upon the level of competition for those keywords (which we will discuss with you when confirming the keywords).

(6) If your website doesn’t rank on the first page in Google within the agreed timeframe, we’ll gladly return your investment or provide your website for free until we do rank it on the first page.

google first page results guaranteed

No one else offers a niche real estate website package GUARANTEED TO RANK YOU ON GOOGLE PAGE 1.

Would you like to learn more and have a free consultation on how we can grow your business? Are you ready to get started with the best luxury property website money can buy? With our satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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