Sesame Street Elmo Helps Explain Job Loss and Foreclosure to Children

Due to the large amount of families facing financial crisis due to foreclosure and bankruptcy, Sesame Street has come out with a series of 5 videos to help explain your family’s financial difficulties to your children in a way that won’t frighten them, leading to more issues.  Sesame Street calls the series Families Stand Together: Feeling Secure in Tough Times and they also have a website that has other activities and links for families facing job loss, foreclosure, and bankruptcy, or just having to move because of financial issues.

Children are well aware when parents are not happy, are arguing, or are under stress which losing a job or a home definitely qualifies for.  As usual, Sesame Street does an excellent job of providing help through characters that your children already trust through their television shows, videos, and books.

Sesame Street – Families Stand Together: Tough Times

YouTube Preview Image

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