Short Sale Transactional Funding

Pre-foreclosure investors who need funding for short sales and REO’s, works when a investor buys a home from a seller using a transactional funding bridge loan to do a double escrow closing . If the property can be sold the same day the title company will accept funding for the purchase transactions .

Companies who will help you fund the deal as long as you have an approved end buyer to flip short sale deals. Hard money loans for short sales and foreclosure investing generate income with simultaneous closings between buyers and sellers.

The benefits of back to back deals is that it makes it easier for those who want to profit from real estate transactions such as dry closing  or quick flips.  Bank REO asset managers may require that you understand new state and federal laws regarding short funding.

Transactional funding companies and programs make it possible to have the use of loans for a fee which works better if you already have a end buyer who is ready to buy the property that you will buy from a seller facing foreclosure.

Private funding options that do not require credit or capital the use of wet funds to purchase property from a seller who are underwater.

Beginning investors can use this tool with alternatives to private money lenders due to having a partner who has the access to the funds that you will need to close the short sale deal within 24 to 48 hours.

Qualified buyers who are approved by the mortgage broker in the title seasoning process can help you close more double closing deals with the necessary real estate finance lending for a short period of time.

Getting the funding for your REO flip financing deals is what will allow for you to purchase the short sale from the distressed homeowner where the market is constantly changing.

So quick investor money can work on easily funding your shortsales, REOs, residential or commercial flips in back to back closings.

The types of short term loans also known as short term financing or flash funding that you borrow is paid back from the proceeds of the sales transaction.

It is important to have a proof of funds letter to secure financing with a short term loan before the property acquisition can take place.

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