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Stop Struggling To Get Your Real Estate Website Ranked in Google and Let The Experts Take Over The Heavy Lifting

Leverage the BANK PROPERTIES Advantage With Your own Bank Properties Website Package

99% of niche real estate websites FAIL:

  • They Fail to generate Traffic
  • They Fail to Provide Value
  • They Fail to provide a Service
  • They Fail to be relevant
  • They Fail to generate leads and sales

In fact – they may as well not be there.

Why do they fail? Simple – they break one or more of the 4 Golden Rules of Internet Marketing:

1. DOMAIN NAMES ARE IMPORTANT. The search engine’s Latent Semantic Indexing capabilities are growing every day – Google recently changed emphasis on its algorithm and semantically related domain names are becoming more and more valuable.

2. RESEARCH IS VITAL. To determine what search terms to target for YOUR audience, in YOUR location it is essential to do keyword research to target these terms.

3. RELEVANT, QUALITY SEO FRIENDLY CONTENT IS CRUCIAL. Dumping hundreds of thousands of MLS listings which are already reproduced on thousands upon thousands of websites is a waste of time. Quality, unique content relevant to your market is essential.

4. PROMOTION, PROMOTION, PROMOTION. Promoting your website is perhaps the most important of the 4 Golden Rules. Press releases, links from other websites, bloggers writing about your site, social networking bookmarks and links – constant promotion is a MUST! Without promotion – no one will find your website. No one.

So – where do we come in?

1. We offer YOU a semantically relevant domain name for YOUR website: YourName.BankProperties.com

Leverage OUR authority for YOUR website. Our domain name is well respected, has strong authority with the search engines and is front page ranked for :

  • bank properties
  • bank owned homes for sale
  • bank owned properties
  • bank owned
  • bank property
  • Plus – thousands more related terms

We’ve done so well ranking these keywords, we now offer you our Google Guarantee

2. Let us do the research for you.

Included with your website is 8 hours of research by our team of professional Internet marketing consultants. We guarantee to find search engine terms relevant to YOUR market – A $450 value – free!

3. We provide an easy to use, search engine friendly website allowing easy uploads of listings and articles.

It uses state of the art WordPress software, which is SEO optimized, and a premium luxury real estate theme ($150 value) . Training by our team of professionals is included. We guarantee to get you up and running quickly and with a minimum of fuss. We do all the heavy lifting.

4. Promotion, promotion promotion.

Included in your website package is:

    • Search Engine Optimized press release announcing your new website written and submitted to PRNewswire ($250 value)
    • 500 blog posts and articles linking to your website ($500 value)
    • Articles written and published on 2 premium, high page rank websites linking to your website ($500 value)
    • Google AdWords campaign aimed at your geographic location ($350 value)
Total Value of Promotional Work: $2,200
Guaranteed to get get you more traffic and LEADS.
YOUR success is OUR success. We want to see you succeed.
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Free value added additions – included at NO CHARGE to you:

      • Use of a premium domain name, such as YourName.BankProperties.com>
      • 3 premium email addresses such as you@YourName.BankProperties.com
      • Ready to go WordPress setup including research to find appropriate keywords, on site SEO, a pre-written “about” page, custom logo front page, “featured property” widget on front page and a search page.
      • Maintanence-free Hosting – we take care of everything
      • Free listings in the BankProperties.com property database
      • And many more…


No one else offers a bank property website package designed to drive you massive amounts of targeted traffic.

Would you like to learn more and have a free consultation on how we can grow your business? Are you ready to get started with the best bank-owned property website money can buy? With our satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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